Soolaf cake Powder


Soolaf cake powder Dear lady soolaf cake powder has been specifically designed to give your skin distinguished brilliance and protect it from the natural factors . Soolaf cake powder preserve light , therefore your skin remain brilliant whatever the light may be faint . it at the same time reflects the sun ray to protect your skin from tanning .consequently , this will lighten your skin ,especially if you expose to sun ray constantly . All you have to do is to choose the color that suits you so as to get the best results . Soolaf cake powder don’t wash out if you wash your face softly ,if your face pores large advice you to wash it a few minutes after using the powder ,that is how you get best results . Usage Instructions : moisten the sponge with a little water, and rub it with powder,then massage your skin gently

Note:if you feel that you put much more quantity than required of powder , please moisten the sponge with water only ,and massage your skin to remove the excess quantity of powder

available in 3 colors