DRY SKIN Owners of dry skin are fortunate that they are less suffering problems such as acne, but they are more suffer other problems if they don't follow steps daily care of their skin. Its advantages: Feeling discomfort or itching. Easy skin irritation and redness when exposed to certain substances. Roughness in the skin, especially in dry climates, whether hot or cold. Lack of youthfulness and skin colour. Thinning of the skin and ease the appearance of some small wrinkles especially in the face when the places of expression . The appearance of signs of work in progress and aging Methods of care: Use moisturizing substances such as oil, which can be used in massaging your skin such as almond oil or pure olive oils or use moisturizing cream daily which contributes to increase moisture in the outer layer of skin. Use the vitamin A. C. E and zinc to their impact on moisturizing and protecting the skin from the harmful factors. Cleaning the skin constantly using soap rich moisturizing substances Use sunscreens for dry skin which containing quantity of moisturizing creams and protective materials from the sun and its effect dried .     .  

Appropriate Product

Fetna Cream
Fetna make up cream Lady For Soft velvet skin and homogeneous use Fetna make up cream conceals skin defect and flaws and unify the skin color and make it look natural.  To get the best result we recommend using a moisturizer on the face before laying your Foundation and chose the approp