Masks for oily skin

Masks for oily skin Although the oil in the skin helps to combat wrinkles, but may cause pimples and other problems. Fortunately there are a variety of natural remedies to cure oily skin   Mask almond and honey Mix a sufficient quantity of ground almonds and honey to form a paste. Then Massage the mixture gently on your face using a warm cloth and moist for 5 - 10 minutes After that, rinse them with water and repeat the mixture constantly until you get rid of oily skin Banana and honey Put a tablespoon of honey with slices of banana and a few drops of lemon or orange juice in a blender . put the mixture on your face and leave it  for 15 minutes, then wipe it out by using a washed cloth and leave to dry and then put honey as a mask on your face Orange peel Dry orange peel in the Sun and then grind in a bowl, mix the sufficient amount of rose water and orange peel powder and put it on your face for 15 minutes to dry, then rinse them by water. Follow the way on a regular basis for the treatment of oily skin and blackheads.

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