Be careful

Be careful …. 10 mistakes arrange them in the right nails   Nail is one of the most important elements of a woman's beauty, but there are habits and common mistakes must avoid to get strong nails and beautiful: 1. emery nail usually  necessary to give them  beauty and luxurious, but be careful do not emery nail in both direction   because  it hurt  nails and damage, emery nail in one direction. 2. avoid removing Nail Polish frequently,  and can be fixed with a new coat of paint.  3. stay away from using your nails  to pick up metal things  no matter how thin or lightweight. 4. stay away as much as possible about using industrial nails, it's skin irritation and hurt real nails. not come to the peeling paint with edges of your nails  because maybe removes the protective layer of  Nail . 6. be careful touching your nails for detergents and solvents and acids for long time and   if  you must, so you should wear (gloves). 7. exposed nail to water during bathing and washing for long time  contributes to the weakening of nails and facilitate broken, reasonable rate, you probably want to clean your hands.  8. moisturizing oils is not exclusive "on your hands, use it for your nails too," it work on nutrition and soften the upper layers.  9. avoid excessive use of quick drying of nails because they damage the nail 10. don't ignore the importance of feeding the nails, and the need for specific vitamins, take care, and follow a "healthy" diet for healthy nails and strong and shiny.      

Appropriate Product

Vasline Otroge
     Otroge Vaseline Is one of the most important medications and the oldest and most widely used Not many knows that Vaseline has aesthetic uses as a moisturizer for dry areas of the skin such as ankles and elbows and knees Lady your beauty with a touch of Otroge Vaseline