Skin types

Skin types and their advantages   To identify which category your skin belonged to helps you to identify skin care routine you should follow to ensure of the freshness of your skin and your skin type, due to its glow and genetic factors and hormone levels and lifestyle Natural (regular skin)   Its advantages Normal skin, for the fortunate enough to possess them look soft and rigid texture at the same time, there is not greasy or dry areas, or spots or blisters or problems, they are common among children and young but it is not with adults How to care for it An appropriate cleaner at least once a day. Pick a wetted lightly. Put on protective sun cream when you leave the House to protect her from harm.    

Appropriate Product

Soolaf makeup cream
  Soolaf cream Dear lady Soolaf cream is a cosmetic cream carefully studied to suit your skin and protect it from harmful sun shine , atmosphere and bad diet , it eliminates the skin from exhaustion and imparts more freshness and brightness . Soolaf cream reflects harmful sun rays and pr