Mask lemon and honey

Mask lemon and honey: Lemon is characterized by its ability to get rid of dead cells, Because it contains alpha hydroxy acid, Which reveals new cells and health, increasing the freshness of the skin, And get rid of blackheads and acne and dark spots.   While  honey works  on skin hydration and relief from inflammation of the skin and get rid of pimples and spots The components of the recipe of honey and lemon: -A spoon of honey - A spoon of lemon juice - A spoonful of sugar to exfoliate the skin naturally and get rid of dead cells Mix the ingredients well and leave on skin for 10 minutes and then rub  skin with a circular shape then wash with warm water to get rid of remnants of  honey After drying the skin painted with a layer of almond oil to moisturize the skin and get the required smoothness.

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