About us
Lady of the East, Solaf, Follow me, Bon Nui, Come on, Lana, Lee, Lha, Suare, Sedition and Otoreg
We are ready to produce any special products for our dear customers
In recent days, a factory for the manufacture of plastic containers has been incorporated into a thermal printing facility and facility of all kinds, including flat printing and circular printing.
We developed a special section for TAMBO printing by bad printer methods.
You can not tell if you want to get an integrated industry.
We are pleased to deliver all the needs of containers and adhesives
We are widely distributed in all Egyptian markets and have won the satisfaction of all ladies in Egypt and of all ages.
We are trying to enter the African markets and participated in our own exhibitions, the Cominx exhibition, the Nairobi exhibition, the Dakar exhibition.
We have a certificate of appreciation made in Egypt, because of our outstanding contribution and our heavy attendance.
ISO certificate in the UK.
Our 75 staff members are highly experienced. To develop pharmacists, chemists, cosmetics and other industries we try to constantly improve our products.