About us

Orient Lady Est. was established in 1983 . It was one of the first companies producing the cosmetic in Syria . It produces cosmetics under the following trade marks:

Orient Lady, Soolaf , Follow Me , Bon nuit , Haya , Lana , Lee , Laha , Soiree , Fetna  and  Otorge

We are also ready to produce any special products for our dear customer and the unpacked (unfilled) cosmetics .
In the recent years a plastic containers manufacturing factory was annexed to the establishment and facility for thermal printing on plastic for all kinds , including the planar and circular printing .
We have established a special department for Tampo printing by means of bad printer .
We print also the adhesives , which help for our self sufficiency , which we try to make it complete in order to have integrated industry .
We are also pleased to meet all our customer requirements of printed and unprinted plastic containers and adhesives .
Our products are widely distributes in all Syrian markets and in all provinces , and it had the satisfaction of all ladies in Syria and of all ages.

Our products are highly accepted in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romani , Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaija , Egypt , Sudan , Qatar , Bahrain , Algeria , Tunisia , Morocco , Lebanon , Kenya , Greece,Iran and Libya.

We are trying to enter the African markets and we have participated in many exhibitions , such as Baghdad exhibition, and Made In Syria exhibition, "Cominex" exhibition , Nairobi exhibition , Dakar exhibition .

We have got an appreciation certificate of Made In Syria exhibition , because of our distinct contribution and dense attendance.
Our products have got the confirmation certificate of Syrian , Iraq , Saudi and UAE , we also try to have the ISO quality certificate.

Our staff , whose census is 75 employees , has great experience . It includes pharmacists , chemists , cosmetics and other industries experts and our establishment is in continuous development state . We try to improve our products persistently in both quantity and quality and we add always new production lines .

and soon in Egypt